Online Pathology Courses

The site provides customized Pathology courses compatible with your university curriculum and Learning objectives.

Course Facilities include:
Recently Recorded video lectures – Online sessions – MCQ bank – Interactive learning methods – Discussions and direct contact with your instructor.

Course Instructor: 

Dr.Abdelrahman Khalifa, M.D., PhD. , Lecturer of pathology and pathology consultant, Medical education experience since 2003, E-learning and education technology expert.

Online course benefits :

  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited video plays
  • -Self-assessment
  • Advanced LMS technologies
  • Illustrations and mind-maps

How to be in direct contact with my instructor?

  • Q & A section in the site
  • Advanced Online meetings and sessions
  • Private social media groups
  • Discussion forums

How to join A course

  • Courses are provided and customized only to some universities
  • Payment methods are available online and offline
  • Ask if there is an available course compatible with your Learning objectives
    • Telegram: +20 11 444 1418 0
    • Or fill the  form:
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